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    Dear all,

    I need to do squid configuration thrugh LDAP. For that I need to bind the users from windows 2003. I am getting an error while LDAP configuration.
    "A problem occured while reading schema from LDAP server.
    DSID: 0c090627, In order to perform this operation a successfull bind must be completed on the connection, data 0."
    How to bind the users from linux.

    Do we need to setup LDAP server in WIN 2003 and client setting in LINUX. or if we map the IP add of the WIN 2003 server its enough ???? Pls guide me i am confused with this config.

    Thanks and Regards,
  2. Miguel

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    AD does not allow anonymous lookups in the directory. You need to bind with a user that has (at least) read access before you can do lookups in the directory. Also including schema lookups.

    Do you authenticate to AD before you request lookups?
    (at least)
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  3. rakesh.hari

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    How to bind a user. MY AD is in WINDOWS Ser 2003 and i am doing this LDAP server configuration in LINUX. Do i need to set any plugin or LDAP server itself in WINDOWS SER 2003.

    I am bit confused. DO i need to set any plugin in WINDOWS SERVER. How to do a authorisation with SSL?? PLS guide me.


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