Linux - how to sync and play iTunes music video on Zune

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  1. amberain

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    I just got a Zune 120GB as birthday gift, but don't want to throw money to the stingy Zune Marketplace, my sister has an iPod touch and iTunes account, I tried to sync stuff from her iTunes library, but dosen't work on my Zune, it could even not read them.

    Heard that content from both the Zune Marketplace and iTunes is DRM-wrapped, and can only play on specific device, is it ture?

    How do you guys cope with it? Any advice will be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks for sharing this info, but on Google I came across this all-in-one DRM removal + DVD ripper which I think is better for my case, thank you for your suggestion anyway!
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  2. matey

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    I wonder if renaming files would work?
    I once had a similar problem with a Toshiba gigabeat where I did not want to use their software to transfer files, so I copied my MP3 files over and none would work.
    I noticed their files has a diff. extension so I renamed my files to make it work;
    like song1.M4P to song1.M4P.MP3
    this was a long ago it may not work in this case but just a thought...
  3. Vzard

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    No, you can't change the iTunes DRM-protected music formats by just renaming the file extension, they have account license, you can't even play them on other device but iPod.

    The only way is to use a DRM Removal Software to strip the license protection and convert file formats compatible to your Zune player.

    This tutorial might share some lights
    How to sync and play iTunes DRM music video DVD movie on Zune
  4. matey

    matey New Member

    Is that so?

    whats the matter with these companies these days?

    You know 1st they said CDs are great and cheaper and better than LPs, it turn out to be BS, I prefer records cuz if the get scratched you pick up the needle and go on, with CD/DVDs you have to throw them out and buy new ones which cost DOUBLE what the LPs used to cost!?
    And I love for the musicians get all the money but they dont. all those imported executives get the money.
    I support my favorite musicians every way I can but those * weasels get in the way.
    I have records cassettes and CDs (not to mention the 8-tracks lol) of the same favorite albums so they cant tell me I cant download those MP3s! hell!

    Thanks for the explanation.
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