Linux desktops susceptibility to botnets?

Discussion in 'Smalltalk' started by rgh1951, Sep 22, 2011.

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  2. rgh1951

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    Having done a search on "Linux AND Botnet" - google...I find some fuzzy information on Linux servers, particularly web servers, where the source of the malware is unknown.
    BUT, I am basically interested in the vulnerability of Linux desktops - that don't run web servers or Samba, NFS, etc.
    Any of these being source infections from the newer botnets? I don't see a clear answer from the search answers I have looked at.
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    I'am not aware of any botnets that target Linux desktops. All rootkit infections on Linux systems that I've seen in the last years were caused by vulnerabilitys in web server scripts.

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