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    does anyone know where I can find documentation regarding linux cli file color coding. Not how to change them but what they mean? Can't find anything on Google. I also have a red blinking square around rc on /etc and have no idea what the hell it means or what the hell I might have done? Ooops...maybe?
    Can't find any documentation on any of this.
    Seems I did an MV command from root to /etc and am thinking I botched something up. Never noticed that blinking red square before....:confused: Thanks in advance,
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    to all...
    Nevermind...figured it out. Thx anyway...
  3. noego

    noego New Member


    Just reversed my mv cmd and it all seems to be fine.
    Thx anyway...
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  5. bogus

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    LS_COLORS environment variable


    Just had a peek at the env space (just enter the command env) and found the following variable.


    The digits no doubt have to do with termcap entries or some such, you can play around with the entries. Eg - I just changed di=00;34 to just 00 - the directory entries are just plain black now instead of dark blue.


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