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Discussion in 'Technical' started by ilektrojohn, Jul 14, 2007.

  1. ilektrojohn

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    Good evening.
    What I'm trying to accomplish is to bond two ethernet based connections as one. I have two different ip addresses(public) from the same subnet and a server running debian etch. Limitations are I cannot use the tutorial for nic bonding posted here because each connection must be on a unique mac address. Does anyone have an idea?
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  3. ilektrojohn

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    Thank you Falko, I've seen the first tutorial, it doesn't fit my needs.I ll give a try at the second one but at the first glance, it doesn't seem what i need too.
    I have 2 differnet interfaces each one of which has a public ip and a unique mac address.I need to preserve the different mac .
    The thing is i live in my university dorms and each room has an ethernet port that connects as to cisco switch at each bulding, and all of them are connected to the unuversity's router. I'm using my neighboor's port now he's gone for summer but the problem is that noc locks every connection to the mac of the interface that was first connected.I can spoof my interface, but it's crucial that my 2 interfaces seem to have different mac, otherwise their dhcp server want give me an ip address.
    I'll try the second tutorial and give some feedback late today, thanks for your answer

  4. heymrdj

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    I may be way out in left field with this but:

    Isn't the MAC address of a piece of hardware unchangable because it's coded in.


    In that light, doesn't ifenslave just use the bond0 interface (and it's unique MAC address) to talk to the computer like a singular device, but in actuality the two cards are their own entity on a network and told what to do by ifenslave rather than the computer


    you should be ok working word for word with that guide.

    Sorry if I'm way out here. :eek:
  5. ilektrojohn

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    you are partially right about the mac address.its unique but it can be spoofed. i.e in debian you just need to add
    hwaddress MAC ADDRESS
    in the interface's section of /etc/network/interfaces
    Maybe I 'm just confused about what ifenslave does. I'll have a second look at it. As i said before, the thing that matters to me, is for as far as the rest network is concerned there are two interfaces with different mac addresses so i'lll get two ip addresses assigned to me.I thought ifenslave bonds the two interfaces in a way so they appear to be the same interface for the rest (outside)network.
  6. heymrdj

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    Nope ifenslave only bonds to the internal. Say it load balances a webpage with two images. The inside world will see it this way:

    Bond0 is requesting image 1 and image 2.

    The outside world sees this:

    Eth0 is requesting image 1
    Eth1 is requesting image 2

    The outside world sees two individual cards, and ip's. Only your computer notices a bond.

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