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Discussion in 'General' started by Gaston Girardi, Jul 30, 2020.

  1. Gaston Girardi

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    Hi all, i put this thread here because is more a question than support.

    The thing is that i want to limit the amount of destinataries that any of my users send in one email, this is because i want to avoid spam, so theres is a way to limit this?, and how?
  2. Jesse Norell

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    You can use for global limit. It's easy for spammers to bypass, and you'll probably find you need a better solution, of which there is not one included with ISPConfig yet, but there are numerous tools to use. I have used postfwd for that (and hope to integrate with ISPConfig at some point), you can find example config by searching, and I think someone posted an example using Rspamd's ratelimit, iirc.
  3. Gaston Girardi

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    Ok, after reading some things im google I decided to follow your advice, i went to the postfwd link you post it and install it or at lest is what i tryed to do, because I never get the file, so i look for a guide and i found this one:

    but i get stuck at the end... :confused:, because the 9 and 10 step aren't clear at all, for the 9 step i went to phpmyadmin and create the user there (but the database doesn't exist), and for the 10 step I figure is inside the plugin on the config file, so I change it as the giude, obviusly replacing the information with mine, but again the DB doesn't exist.

    So could you give me some tips on how to use it?, or point me in the right direction?!, just have in mind i'm far, far, far away of being an expert in linux. :oops:

    I'm using debian 9
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  4. Jesse Norell

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    Interesting, I've not seen that postfwd geoip plugin, I'll definitely take a look at it - thanks for the link.

    In that guide, the postfwd geoip plugin itself is using a database - you could just use the dbispconfig database and add new tables for that (don't use the 'ispconfig' user though, create your own), or create a new database just for that tool.

    What I've done is using the rate limits built into postfwd (not eg. that geoip plugin), more like

    You may or may not be using systemd now, but likely when you upgrade to Debian 10 (a good idea to do before very long) you will be, and will need to set things up differently - I made some notes on that at
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  5. Gaston Girardi

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