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    Does anyone know of a guide or maybe some pointers about this module installing and configuring in XUbunto 8.04 server. Here is my problem.

    I am trying to get a protected directory authentication set up using the usernames & passwords in a mySQL database table. I have loaded from Synaptic package manager the LibApache2-mod-auth-mysql file it is in the /etc/apache2/mods-available directory as auth_mysql.load when I run from terminal the command
    sudo a2enmod auth_mysql.load sudo asks for password which I enter and then I get This module does not exist! error. Is this not the correct command to move a module to mods-enabled directory? Would it be wrong just to copy this file from mods-available to mods-enabled? Does anyone outhere know why this is happening what am I doing wrong?

    Any help or a pointer to a guide setting up MySQL databases as htaccess files would be very appreciated.

    thanks in advance

    James in GA,USA
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    sudo a2enmod auth_mysql
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    Thanks Falco for your response,

    I was including the .load extension to the command. I now have the module loaded. I have this partially working in my windows XP WAMP, I am trying to convert to using a LAMP as you can tell I am new to servers in Ubuntu. When I say partially, I have the WAMP html pages password protected by using a PHP script controlling the private areas by checking for usernames and passwords stored in MySQL it seems to work fine on the surface the only thing is a user can copy the address of a private page and then later reopen by coping the address back to the address bar. I now know that this has to been done by Apache authenticating a protected directory. Do you have any pointers or know of any guides on configuring and setting up protected directories that will help me get this going?

    Thanks again

    James in GA, USA
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