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Discussion in 'General' started by Indieben, Feb 26, 2018.

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    Hi there, I am having the devils own job getting let's encrypt setup, i'm so lost having asked on IRC and done all sorts that I'm scared I might have caused damage. When I tick the let's encrypt box in ISPConfig, the website will not connect on https. Totally lost and there doesn't seem to be tutorials that cover it, on one hand there are really old tutorials whilst I have seen contradicting information that ISPconfig is now more up to date and does not need half of the instructions on the latest version.

    If anybody can guide me a bit, that would help immensely.

    Many thanks.
  2. till

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    All recent perfect server setup tutorials cover letsencrypt, it's just a single command to install it so you might have missed that when searching for an extensive guide. It does not really matter how you install certbot, installing it as described on the letsencrypt homepage or by using the packages of the Linux distribution is both fine. There is just one thing you may not do, if you create an LE SSL cert on the shell instead of using ISPConfig, then you canÄt use LE in ISPConfig anymore with that domain. So if you did that, then remove the SSL cert that you created manually on the shell and search the apache sites-enabled and sites-evailable folder for vhost files with '-le.' in the name, these files are created by LE and will completely block ISPConfig from doing any chnages in the website, so they must be removed as well.

    So when you ensured that certbot is installed and that there are no LE ssl certs created on the shell for that domain nor config files for apache / nginx writen by LE anymore, then login to ISPConfig, go to the website settngs, enable the LE and ssl checbox and press save to create the LE ssl cert. If that fails, look at the LE FAQ: https://www.howtoforge.com/community/threads/lets-encrypt-error-faq.74179/
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    Hi Till,

    Thanks for your thoughtful response, I'm struggling a bit as I do not have my Linux Mint install up and running for linking into the servers so please forgive my rubbish virtual screen here https://snag.gy/37RAjz.jpg

    I suspect that this screen confirms your suspicions....

    I'm a bit lost about what I need to remove and where (what commands etc).

    Kind Regards.

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