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  1. illuder

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    Hello all,
    I'm not sure i understand this correctly.
    I read that v3.25 has built in lets encrypt , so by ticking the lets encrypt boxes in the website setting, it should serve the page as https secure.
    However, this is not such.
    I have two websites here:

    both serve woocommerce/e-commerce based services, and I need the https; to show secure in the browsers, particularly Chrome.
    Some clients notified that it gave an advanced warning which they had to click ADVANCED and then PROCEED for it to display the website..

    What is the status of the SSL certificate? is it secure on https for all websites and browsers? Is there anything else I need to do or purchase for these 2 websites in particular to be 100% secure on https?

    thank you
  2. till

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    Both sites have a valid LE SSL cert, just checked with Chrome, no warnings. But you should consider adding an automatic HTTP to https redirect, as both sites still serve content over http.
  3. illuder

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    tip top, polished and shining websites... thank you! :)

    great work on ISPCONFIG..love it... love the subtle but extremely important changes, particularly this LE feature...!
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