Learning Spam in ISPConfig 3 Question

Discussion in 'HOWTO-Related Questions' started by darinpeterson, May 12, 2013.

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    This tutorial should work, spamassassin must be disabled as it is not used.
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    I have been using the Learning Spam setup since this post in April, and it doesn't seem to be learning anything. Even though when I run the shell script it says that is has learned tokens, I keep getting the same spam in my inbox...

    Is there something else that I should be doing for it to eliminate the spam emails?
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    Which spam 2 score do you use n the policy that is activated for this mailbox?
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    I initially read "score" as "core"... Anyway, I don't know what score that I'm using. The email filter is set to "Trigger happy".
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    Till, is this what you needed to answer the question, or is it something else?
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    /usr/bin/sa-learn --spam /var/vmail/*/*/.Junk/cur/*
    /usr/bin/sa-learn --ham /var/vmail/*/*/.good/cur/*

    Mine is

    /usr/bin/sa-learn --spam /var/vmail/biggdog.biz/babedh-dhra/Maildir/.Junk/cur/*
    /usr/bin/sa-learn --ham /var/vmail/biggdog.biz/babedh-dhra/Maildir/cur/*

    chmod o+x /bin/sa_learn


    Thus adding ??
    bayes_path /var/lib/amavis/.spamassassin/bayes

    If we were to use this script shouldn't we also have to reload amavis?

    Now I am not using the cron job simply because I am hand picking my spam and ham and I MUST make sure all of the emails are indeed spam or ham.
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