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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by skysky, Dec 4, 2020.

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    I am running ubuntu 18.04 + nginx + isponfig 3.2. I have a few websites using LE SSL no problem. After I check the SSL & LE checkbox, ISPconfig would creates SSL cert like this format websites website.com.crt, and update the vhost for the cert name.

    However, there is one website that is having strange issue. somehow there is no website.com.crt file created, but website.co-le.crt in the folder for that domain. so https can not work, but the SSL and LE boxed are checked.

    ISPconfig update the domain vhost for website.com.crt, but Nginx reports errors, can not find this file

    I manually edit the vhost, and change website.com.crt to website.co-le.crt, then https working.

    1. why such issue happens to this domain?
    2. Is it ok to edit the vhost, and change website.com.crt to website.co-le.crt. auto cert renew will work?
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    1. We don't know but it vould be because you created a self-signed certs instead.
    2. It most probably won't work but we don't know that either.

    The best way to know for certain is to follow the FAQ for LE troubleshooting.

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