Laptop/user profiles - SAMBA (Domaincontroller) Server For Small Workgroups

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    Hi there,

    I hope someone here has seen and can help me through the installation of Laptops into a domain created with SAMBA.

    Here is my status:

    1) domain user account - local permissions on a win xp laptop
    - the laptop is connected to the domain
    - the roaming profile has been disabled so I can access the domain user profile locally when offline

    the problem is that I cannot give the domain user local admin rights on the laptop - the user account does not even show up under the user accounts

    I have tried following the steps in to add the profile to the local computer but at line item 6 under permitted to use the process does not let me use a local user account or everyone.

    2) Existing local user with admin rights - I want them to load the domain resources when they login.
    - username and password match the Samba domain password but I am unable to run the domain scripts when they connect their laptop - I guess I am not able to login to the domain with the local user account

    Any suggestions are welcome?

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