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    Im working on some language selection in a website, so far it is working wery well exept i cant get it to remember the chosen language when changing pages, im thinking it must be done by either using a session or a cookie but im stuck atm.

    Here is my code.
    $languages = array(     
    'en' => 'english'
    'dk' => 'danish'

    if (isset(
    $_GET['lang']) AND array_key_exists($_GET['lang'], $languages)) 

    './lang/' $languages[$_GET['lang']] . '.php'



    And to change the language im just using simple links
    <a class="link" href="<? echo $_SERVER[PHP_SELF];?>?lang=dk"><?php echo $lng['danish']; ?></a>

    <a class="link" href="<? echo $_SERVER[PHP_SELF];?>?lang=en"><?php echo $lng['danish']; ?></a>
    Any ideas ??
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