Landing-/Frontpage (Client SignUp/Registration, Display of Services, Shop) template/example/tutorial

Discussion in 'General' started by niemand-glaumy, Apr 26, 2018.

  1. Good day to you!

    To progress with my plans of business, I require a Landing-/Frontpage where I can display the available services I provide and where Clients can register and login, so my freshly bought billing module can be of use. :)

    Is there an existing example template I can use and abuse to fit my purposes? Or a proper tutorial?

    While googling what I am looking for, I found this thread from 2010: which states there is a script in the Downloads section. That information seems outdated - or I am blind. :)

    I also found this unanswered thread:

    And there is this Tutorial/Script from 2015:

    As well as several "hints" to WordPress plugins/mods, which I don't use. :)

    Can anyone please provide me with links or point me in the direction? Thanks! <3

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