lan booting client from server

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by rayman, Mar 4, 2007.

  1. rayman

    rayman New Member

    can any one help I've tried setting up tftp and bootparam using centos 4.3 and seting up the network boot for diskless clients..but keep getting the same problem..

    I've done as the setup askes and created a directory ie: ( /disklessboot/root/ ) and copied the OS to it ,used nfs to share said directory but when i go on it ask for an identifier (which i presume is just to give it a name ) or should this be some thing specific..?

    it selects as the server and asks me to select the directory as the OS to use ..and thats where i get stuck it just repeats the same thing every time directory must be nfs share and contain directory ( /boot )

    It does and I have I've lost my temper with it now and uninstall tftp and bootparam and disided to see if anyone can help before i try again.. so please ,,,any one ...HELP

    thanks in advance ..ray

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