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    Hi there everyone,

    I am trying out new things here on differant servers and linux bases, I have no Idea if anyone outhere is using a Fedora4 install running a Lampp Server on their machines but if you are and can help me out please let me know, I am no Computer Wiz at this stuff, and I am learning by stumbling around in the dark here, I have tried the Ubuntu 6.06 Perfect install and then added the ISPConf but i cant make hide nore hair of it..... Lampp is using /opt/lampp/etc/httpd.conf and there is a line in there that reads "Include httpd-vhosts /opt/lampp/etc/extra/httpd.conf." so I have included this and then have gone in and edited the "httpd-vhost.conf to point to my two sites that I am storing on the drive. From what I have been reading I have the syntax all right but I'm buggered if I can get it to work.......

    Any help would be of great appreciation on either subjects..... I have spent many long nights and hair pulling times trying to figure this out but I realy need help now......

    Many thanks in advance

    Dave :confused:
  2. falko

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    Lampp is using non-standard locations, that's why you can't get it to work. Please install your system following one of the "Perfect Setup" tutorials here on HowtoForge. :)
  3. NGNZ

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    re install

    without sounding to stupid, can you please advise me on how to back up the 2 sites and their respective database to transfer them back after re-install ?
  4. till

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    You can make backups of a directory with the command:

    These can be unpacked with the command:

    You can transfer the backup files with a scp client like WinSCP for windows from your server to your workstation. There are scp clients for Linux and MacOS available too.

    To make a backup of a MySQL database, you can use the commands mysqldump or mysqlhotcopy. There is some documenation on the mysql homepage.

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