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    I was able to conect Centos6 on Virtual Box to Windows (I am able to ping in both directions) with Host-only Adapter (for connection between the two) and NAT Adapter (to enable Linux on VB to connect to the Internet). I want to set up httpd, mysql and vsftpd servers and in the end easily connect to httpd from Windows based browser and ftp server with a Windows based client as well. I would also want to have access through SSH.

    I have a general idea of the steps that are involved, but there is also a configuration that I am not sure about at thsi point. Lets say I follow these steps:

    # yum install httpd
    # yum install php php-pear php-mysql
    # yum install mysql-server
    # mysql_secure_installation
    # yum install vsftpd
    # yum install mod_ssl

    Technically I have everything installed, but what would be the next steps that I need to take (from the networking point of view, so to speak, to get it all working)?

    I know I need to configure, at least Apache, and ftp server, but I am not sure how is it gonna work; like where am I gonna be uloading the sites (I know this can vary), how am I gonna know what address to use in a browser if I wanna go to a website x, y, z on that installation etc. This sounds like I need to do some kind of DNS setup and I am kind of stuck at this point.

    If somebody could give me a general outline of what are the things that need to be done that would be great (I was looking on a lot of websites and I know about etc/sysconfig/network, httpd.config - not too much abot it on Apache's site, hostname, hostname -f etc; but it is kind of hard to piece it all together at this point). I am gonna be looking at the books also, but they not always reflect the setup that I have too (VirtualBox).

    Thank you.
  2. jtt89

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    I read somewhere that I should be able to connect to the guest (Linux) with Putty. I tired and I was not able to. I also looked at all the network configuration info (ipconfig /all and ifconfig) and that information has changed also. I keep making screenshots, because it is hard to keep track of it when I am not sure how is it suppose to work (pictures are here

    After the installation I was using (I think) to ping host (Windows) from Linux and the other way.
    Today I think it should be (ping from Linux) and (the same, ping from Windows to Linux). So it gets confusing quickly.
    Based on above information I was trying to use Putty with as an address and that did not work...

    (Host-only network is basically the network that needs to connect Windows and Linux)
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    Do you use bridge mode for your VM in VirtualBox?
  4. jtt89

    jtt89 New Member

    No, I use Host-only Adapter + NAT. This is the best option for me because I dont have a router (according to VirtualBox support forum).

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