Kubuntu 8.04 + KDE4 + Motorola K1M KRZR

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by ghostrider.002, May 11, 2008.

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    Hello Everyone,
    I have a question that I hope to get an answer for.

    I use verizon evdo via a USB cable tethered Motorola K1M KRZR under windows to connect me to the internet for the next couple months.

    I need to connect the KRZR to Kubuntu 8.04.
    I can run 'lsusb' and it is listed as a Motorola PCS Device

    I used KDEs dialup utility to setup the initial connection but I have no way of knowing what port (i.e. /dev/ttyusb0, ttyacm0, etc) that it is using and do i need to modify and/or create any files?

    Under KDE3 you could go and view your devices and see where it is connected but under kde4 i am unable to find anykind of devices.

    I am running Kubuntu 8.04 64bit
    AMD 64 x2 CPU

    Thanks for any help

    oh yeah this is a phone and not a pcmcia card

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