Kind help sought: FC11 booting to blank screen after upgrade from fc10

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by cbalaji, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. cbalaji

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    I was working with FC10. Whenever I reboot, automatic updates are performed. Recently an option to upgrade FC10 to FC11 appeared automatically (similar to the second screen shot given at ). Because this appeared automatically I didnt get a chance to perform the command line statements that were given at the same site (especially, yum clean all, I dont know if that is the problem). Except for these commands everything followed similar to the way explained in the web page .

    During reboot the upgrade was performed. However, I am not able to successfully get into the FC11 desktop. When booted with FC11 (I also have windows xp), the system enters to a blank screen. Did some search in the internet, however I was not able to get to the thread that addresses this problem. Some of the suggestions given were to append 3 or 1 in the kernal parameter, however this was not helping, again the system enters to a blank screen and whatever I write using the keyboard appears on the screen. I am sure that this blank screen is not a shell.

    I request the users to kindly give their suggestions and help me overcome this problem.

    C. Balaji
  2. fiveable

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    Same exact problem here.

    I have the same problem. Upgraded via DVD from 8 to 9 with no problem. Then went from 9 to 10 and the problem started. At first I thought it was a problem with the nvidia driver so I switched to the second console screen and tried rebuilding the driver using the nvidia command line utility. Even as root the process faild and I did not have permission to run things like "shutdown -h now".

    The blank screen behaves this way. After the last script in rc5.d runs the screen flashes rapidly quite a few times and drops to a black screen with blinking rectangle cursor. You can move the cursor with the mouse. You can highlight parts of the screen with the mouse. I agree with the previous post that this is not a shell. It is possible to type characters but CtrlC,CtrlD,CtrlZ have no effect.

    Has anyone seen this before???:(
  3. fiveable

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    Additional info...

    I went ahead and upgraded further from Fedora (x86_64) 10 to 11 via DVD with the hope that some updates would resolve the problem. After "successfully upgrading" to Fedora 11 the problem still exists.
  4. fiveable

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    Ok, as it turns out this problem is an X problem.

    Simply move the xorg.conf file to xorg.conf.bak and reboot.

    From the blank screen I did the following and it worked:

    Alt-F2 (to switch to the second console screen)

    login as root

    cd /etc/X11

    mv xorg.conf xorg.conf.20090716

    ctrl-alt-del to reboot

  5. cbalaji

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    Hai Fiveable,
    As I was in urgent need, I went for an fresh install to FC11 and it went on smoothly without problem . Sorry, I could not get an opportunity to try your suggestion.
    C. Balaji
  6. antonio148

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    worked for me

    thank you
    you just saved my weekend

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