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Discussion in 'Kernel Questions' started by masuch, Oct 31, 2011.

  1. masuch

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    I have compiled kernel 3.1 64 bit for ubuntu oneiric with configuration for CORE2 march=native and mtune=native. I have two versions, one is compiled with ubuntu patches and second one without ubuntu patches.

    (I have maximus iv extreme R3 BIOS 1850 motherboard. HD6990 with catalyst 11.8 properly working).

    I have problem to switch to console by Ctlr+Alt+FN1.

    It is always switched properly into console but has displayed blank screen.
    (I can type login name and password and it evidently made login)
    but I do not see anything displayed.

    The problem is not catalyst graphic driver because when I ran under xorg-edgers compiled kernel 3.1 or another kernel from ubuntu ppa - it works just fine - console behaves normally.

    Could anybody please help to kernel newbie to let me what am I missing within kernel compilation?

    thanks a lot for any clue,
  2. falko

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    Did you use the configuration of the working kernel when you compiled the new one, or did you configure it from scratch?
  3. masuch

    masuch New Member

    from scratch.
  4. falko

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    I think you should use the configuration of the working kernel as a start point.
  5. masuch

    masuch New Member

    1. I would like to know what I should switch on/off when menuconfig starts - to make console displayable ?
    2. I have read that each new kernel version has slightly different config. How to manage it - by diff to see what is new , removed , depracated, my changes ?
    3. which configuration file should I try to compile kernel for 64 bit oneiric ?
    4. I have read that redhat 6 enterprise configuration is good but I am using ubuntu oneiric. Woul it be a problem ? I did not try to compile kernel yet.
    5. I would like to make some settings by myself:
    ( at this moment I am using
    tried as well:
    ---I have i7 2600k -- which setting may I use for this processor ?
    I would like to try to have support avx instruction set.
    found this:
    or anything else may I try ?
    Kernel Timer Frequency set to 1000 HZ
    Transparent hugepage support enabled
    is there anything else I can use within kernel compilation what coul be useful for i7 2600k processor and maximus iv extreme motherboard ?

    6. is there any documentation on-line or book describing some examples what config settings is useful , many-times-used , usually-used for ? I am not saying all of it, but just some with explanation what is it for ?

    I would like to learn more about kernel compilation to better understand.

    thanks for any help, urls, descriptive examples , book/s links.
  6. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

  7. masuch

    masuch New Member


    My idea is:
    At this moment my script has 2 options:
    1. normal kernel compilation from source code - works.
    2. kernel compilation with ubuntu patches - works.
    3. option is not done yet. and it should be compile kernel with 3rd party configuration file (like redhat el 6 ).

    Within all these options I have to manually change (like is described in URL you pointed to) configuration.
    I would like to amend my script to NOT to use manual intervention. Is it possible to generate default configuration file automatically ? And why I need this ? Because I am going to have all the time the last default config changes.

    - Let's say I have some settings for i7 2600 sandy bridge.
    - compare it with generated configuration file with default settings - I would like to know how to do it without manual intervention ?
    - apply my changes to default config file.
    - compile kernel with this new config.

    if this is wrong - so I am looking for some another attitude satisfied not to manually make config changes :)

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