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    I have four KayleeAndTepid rugs. I like 3 of the 4. The 3 - 5x7 ones have only been washed 3 or so times. They still look great. The 8x10 rug I have to wash more frequently. I do it per the instructions, but it has shrunk significantly and curls really bad. It is in my living room so toddler trips on the edges walking around. I have also finally had to cut down the mat underneath because it looked so bad.

    I would recommend if not planning to wash often. If needing to wash often, just think of this as like a one year fix and then you will need to buy again.

    Kaylee, any solutions to help stop the curling?
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    I read the multiserver parts from the manual and installation parts from Perfect Server Guide. Has worked for me so far.
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    If u would read the perfect server guide to latest ubuntu/debian and combine it with reading the manual its would no problem to create the multi-server-setup. And if u have any problems the community would help u.

    But here....But please - just use it if u know what u do with the system... i do not support my setup tutorial -> But if u found any wrong phrases please share to me. Please also say if u found any personal data in there^^

    But just for your info....
    7.0 LTS ends before 5.6 ^^

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    The description of the manual states when it has been written and for which Debian version the instructions are:


    Nonetheless, I agree that the instructions need to be updated.

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