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    I have two servers, on separate networks. I would like them to be configured as a master and slave in as many ways as possible. I understand that I would need more servers to run a true mirror, so I'm just looking for as much replication as I can get and ways to simplify backup and restore operations between the two.

    I've managed to work out some of the details on configuring bind primary/secondary to an extent, but could use a pointer to some more explicit direction with it.

    So, the primary server is configured and running already. It is OpenSuse 10.2, based on the Perfect how to. It is also running ISPConfig 2.2.13 or 14 (recent anyway). I have bind 9.3.2, and have installed LDAP if that is the direction that I need to go. Of course, whatever I have configured needs to be as secure as possible when communicating across the net.

    I'd appreciate any ideas you can throw out. Links and How to are always good too.
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    what are you trying to do? I don't really get it...
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    Consider the Perfect OpenSuse 10.2 with ISPConfig for all the software that I am operating.

    I have that server at a co-location facility and another server at a different facility for more security in the network and for DNS pursposes. I manage all my own DNS, so to be properly compliant with the IETF requirements, the servers are geographically separated.

    One server should be the primary (master), and the other server the secondary (slave). And I wish to use them in as much of a failover capacity as possible. If the primary fails, I want the secondary to take over. This means that the secondary either needs replication of mysql, bind, apache, or whatever can be replicated, or it has to have a backup of the primary stored on it so that I can restore as much of the directory structure to it as possible. This will keep my users operational until I am able to repair the primary.
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