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    I was wondering, how to set up just DNS hosting, so that a client could have his web server at his home, or vice versa, a client could have his DNS hosting somewhere else and just point to my web server where he could serve his web pages.
    What's the proper way of doing this? What should i do on my side/server? I was searching for step by step instructions but i couldn't find this in manual or on forum.
    Any help is appreciated.

    I use Debian squeeze, ISPConfig on a multiserver setup (no VM).

    PS.: It would be great, if you could include this instructions in new manual for version 3.0.5, which i hope will be out soon after the new ISPConfig 3.0.5 version.

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    If a client has its web server at home, then there are two different scenarios:

    1) He has a stic IP address: In this case you create a normal dns record as decsribed in the manual:
    2) He has a dynamic IP address: in theis case he has to use a dyndns service. You dont have to configure anything for that in ispconfig.

    You want to host just the website of the customer and not dns.

    In this case you craete just the website in ispconfig as decsribed in the ispconfig manual.

    So you see, all scenarios are described in the current manual. There is nothing special to do, just create dns and web as usual.
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    TYVM for your prompt reply. :)

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