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    Hi all,

    Here is the first version of a joomla remoting framework component. It is designed to allow users to sign up for accounts from your isp web site.

    Currently the component will register any new domains or transfer domains only for South Africa. I intend to wirte functionality to use tucows for other tlds. If you edit the code you can by pass registering with the domain register and just use the functionality to automatically create ispconfig accounts.

    To Do:

    1) Allow for hosting plans to be set up in joomla admin panel,
    2) Allow for registering of other tlds,
    3) Enable changing of text from admin panel. i.e remove all references to Cyber Designs so people don't need to edit source code to do so.


    For some reason the API for creating new clients doesn't seem to create a new client user correctly. Although the user is visible in the ISPConfig panel you cannot login. If you enter a new username and password for the user then all works fine but this requires manual intervention. Also it seems you can have clients with duplicate username and passwords. As far as I know this shouldnt be allowed.

    I will setup a project if anyone is interested.

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    That's great! :)

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