joomla install/ISPConfig3 problems

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Kev King, Nov 29, 2009.

  1. Kev King

    Kev King New Member

    Have posted this at Joomla forum too, for obvious reasons:

    Trying to install Joomla on an ISPConfig3 vhost running on a Ubuntu 9.04 server.
    Have followed the install manual and uploaded the extracted Joomla1.5.15 files to the web root of the website. Have created a DB in mysql and set up the user.

    When I enter the web address in my browser(Firefox3.5) I get an initial joomla screen warning me to delete the installation folder before proceeding. It wont go any further until I do, fair enough.
    I delete the installation folder and refresh the browser, only to have a 404 error and nothing display.

    Any ideas were I am going wrong ?

    Have tried to follow the steps at:
    But I think the steps could be a bit dated.

    Do I need to have a php5.ini in my vhost somewheres? or does ISPConfig just use the one in /etc/php5/ and if so which one do you edit to take effect on the webhost in ISPConfig?
  2. lucani

    lucani Member HowtoForge Supporter

    Could you check which file this error 404 is for? Which page it try open after entering address of your website?
  3. Kev King

    Kev King New Member

    lucani thanks for your prompt reply, not to worry, problem solved.
    Aint it just bloody typical, as soon as I posted that I discovered what I had done. The proble was reading to many TUTS at the same time and getting confused. I had the configuration.php set up as per what I wanted when all was installed, I just renamed it back to what it was before, configuration.php.dist.

    All is now installed, now for the other 2 sites and then restoring the backups from my previuos server. How many hours in the day is there??

    I will try not to panic so quick the next time, thx again lucani.

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