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    Never edit the vhosts foile manually! All modifications will be removed automatically. You can not define two vhosts on one file in ispconfig. Juts do what I suggested above insteda to get a separate website for your subdomain!
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    Make aure that you selected the correct IP addresses for the websites. They must match the IP addresses for the DNS A-Records that you created for the subdomains.
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    I only have one problem....mydns. Whenever like power flactuations occur the server restarts. the problem is mydns doesnt start automatically at boot up. I have run this commands several times but still have a problem starting it

    chkconfig --add mydns
    /etc/init.d/mydns start

    so how do i solve this problem?
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    Make sure that mysql is started before mydns in your boot sequence.
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    How do i do that

    Can u offer me a brief or commands to do that? Tx
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    Mydns and mysql

    Should i do the following to start mysql before mydns

    When the system boots, MyDNS must be started after MySQL. The MySQL startup link has the priority 64 on CentOS, so the MyDNS startup link must have a priority between 65 and 99. Therefore we open the MyDNS init script...

    vi /etc/init.d/mydns

    ... and change

    # chkconfig: 345 52 50


    # chkconfig: 345 65 50

    Then we create the startup links:

    chkconfig --levels 235 mydns on

    We don't start MyDNS now because it must be configured first - this will be done automatically by the ISPConfig 3 installer later on.

    Then in one of my websites i have a annoying folder /srv/www/\xampp\htdocs\uwasnet\media\civicrm\upload

    Can anyone help me remove it?
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    rm -Rf /srv/www/*

    I am assuming you want to remove everything after the /srv/www/ directory.

    Tab completion is your friend in these cases. Try it out you might be surprised. That would have given you the proper way to escape characters on the command line that need to be escaped.


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