Joining High avalibilty Apache Cluster (Based on Ubuntu 8.10/8.04) and File server

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    I have followed too tutorials so far, the Apache cluster on Ubuntu and the Simple fileserver on Ubuntu, and both have worked great.

    However now im interested in joining the too so that web site files and web server conf files can be stored in a single location (that will be expanded to a highly avaliable cluster later) so that it is easy to modify web site files, without having to do update two server each time.

    I have already googled around and searched the forums on how to mount a network drive, and other methods. However all my attemps have failed.

    The filesystem on the file server is NTFS so that is is compatable with windows, and has the IP address of : And host name: fileserver. Both are recorded on a DNS (again setup using a tutorial here).

    The apache server are running on Ubuntu 8.10 (not 8.04 like in the tutorial) and have the ip address of and and the hosts name node1 and node2 respectively, with a virtual ip of Again this is recorded on the DNS server.

    Could someone please provide a solution to this problem, or point me towards a tutorial or thread elsewhere.

  2. razor92

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