Java sound problem?

Discussion in 'Technical' started by philfrei, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. philfrei

    philfrei New Member

    I was told by a user of Linux Mint 11 that he could not hear the sounds on an Applet that I wrote.

    Are there any known issues?

    Would it be possible to have someone else with Mint 11 (or any Linux system, for that matter) confirm that the sound is or isn't working?

    The link is here:

    It's kind of fun to play around with, very easy to use. It was built using javax.sound.sampled library, producing a tone that responds to mouse drags.

  2. jtsnake

    jtsnake New Member


    I'm on Linux Mint 11

    I tried your applet ( and I got a tone just fine. It responded to the mouse dragging and everything. I was hearing some popping noises, but that could have been my headphones, who knows.

    I found your post because I'm trying to do speech recognition on Sphinx 4 (, but I can't get the microphone to pick anything up using their test audiotool (

    Sphinx4 is a Java app, so I'm having JavaSound problems with microphone input in Linux. Windows, on the same apps, seems to work just peachy.
  3. philfrei

    philfrei New Member

    Thanks for giving the app a try! The popping does NOT sound right. I don't think it is your headphones.

    You might find this discussion at interesting, especially the contributions of nsigma. Neal has a lot of experience with Linux, and has been helping me trouble-shoot my app. I just have to find more time to write the next steps, which hasn't been for two very long weeks!!,24686.60.html

    My ongoing troubleshoot session with Neal is (will be) here:,24646.0.html

    When I hit something conclusive with Neal, I will come back to this thread and post what I've found.
  4. philfrei

    philfrei New Member

    The popping seems to be a problem with "Java Sound Audio Engine".

    I added a menu to allow users to pick a playback path. Even with Windows, the "Java Sound Audio Engine" is causing popping, but the "Direct" options work fine. I'm not going to try and debug the JSAE, as it is easy to avoid and higher performance "direct" path.

    The fellow helping me troubleshoot the JTheremin on his Linux system said that selecting ALSA "direct" lines worked. He was also getting the clicking due to the program defaulting to the "Java Sound Audio Engine". Maybe you can get some improvements by making sure you aren't using this engine as part of your audio path.

    Some interesting info on various sound cards & drivers:

    If you are curious, you can run the Applet and press Option, it should display your playback options. Also, the incoming options (for sound capture) will be shown on the Java Console, as well all Ports. The routine which builds the menu options goes through ALL Java "Mixers" and either puts them in the menu option group or "rejects" them to the console.

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