Issues with Email Spam, dovecot, postfix, out of memory

Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by yanger, Mar 23, 2013.

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    been having this issue for about a month now, unsure what's causing this issue... a reboot usually fixed things, but now it's ever so annoying...

    i've attached a few links to some logs, sorry too large to post here.

    my /var/log/syslog

    my /var/log/messages

    my /var/log/mail.err

    my /var/log/

    sample ps aux

    so what happens, is, i have an external monitoring subscription that watches my cloud server for downtime, and when it hits, i'll ssh in and see what's going on.. when I get in, sometimes I can't do anything because program has fork: Cannot allocate memory / too many files open (something similar). when i do a ps aux, i do find that my machine is flooded with tons of smtp processes and error processes...

    a few sites say adding swap would be beneficial, but in my instance, i can't due to my server being a cloud server and the host does not allow it.

    any tips will be great. thank you :)
  2. yanger

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