Issues installing ISPConfig 3 (server setup)

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by jim.thornton, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. jim.thornton

    jim.thornton New Member

    I am currently running a CentOS 5.3 server with DirectAdmin. I'm getting tired of paying the licensing fees for DA (although I really like the control panel). ISPConfig 3 seems to be pretty similar and I am looking to setup a new server. My last VPS was configured by someone else becaue I didn't know much about linux at the time. Now I am tackling the challenge on my own.

    I bought a new very small VPS to basically just test out ISPConfig 3 to make sure that I am able to get it going and configure it well. I have installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS as the OS and have it up and running. I've installed Webmin 1.60 to help make some of the admin tasks easier but I'm very comfortable in the command line and ssh in when I want to get a lot of stuf done quickly.

    I have been following this tutorial for setting up the server and have run into memory issues. If mysql is running I get "Failed to fork" fatal errors when using apt-get. If I shutdown mysql, then everything is fine. It seems that amavisd is using up 3 processes that are 11% each so it seems to be a real resource hog.

    My end result is that I do not want any mail functions on this VPS. I have a Zimbra server at home that I am using for my mail server and it is great.

    So, now that you know the situation, here are my questions:

    1. Not really sure what amavisd is. Is it necessary?
    2. Can I setup ISPConfig 3 to send mail through my Zimbra server?
    3. Is the following system big enough to run things:

    1 cpu
    384MB ram Burstable to 1GB
    VPS (OpenVZ)

    I figured that it would be big enough. Initially my DA server started on 384MB and I was able to get everything installed and running. As websites/programs/scripts were added over time it started having performance issues so I upgraded it. So I figured it would be enough to get things running.

    My ultimate goal is to get ISPConfig 3 installed, migrate sites over to the ISPConfig 3 server one at a time from Direct Admin and then once everything is migrated over, I will wipeout the DA server and start from scratch setting up ISPConfig 3 there and then migrate everything back.
  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    Yes. Postfix uses it for spam and virus scanning.

    Yes, you can use your Zimbra server as a relay host in /etc/postfix/

    You should have at least 512MB, but if you have some bigger websites that make extensive use of MySQL, that will not suffice. Something like 1 or 2GB would be good for the start.
  3. jim.thornton

    jim.thornton New Member

    What do you mean by relay host? I use Zimbra to fully control all faucets of my email accounts right now. I don't even want a mail server running on this server if possible.
  4. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    That is possible. Just install ISPConfig in expert mode and choose to not configure Postfix.

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