Issues getting ISPConfig 3 to work on a linode VM

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Nebhead, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. Nebhead

    Nebhead New Member

    Hi all,

    I've recently set up a Linode VM to take on web/mail hosting of my own sites after a friend of mine decided to shut down the server he's been running, and I've been using, for the last few years.

    I followed the instructions at to set up my linode with Apache and MySQL.

    I followed the instructions at to set up Postfix/Dovecot

    Finally, I followed the instructions at to set up ISP Config.

    The situation is that I can access the ISPConfig panel at my IP/FQDN on port 8080, but none of the email addresses/web sites that I set up seem to have any effect.

    Email: I can connect via IMAP to the server, but none of the accounts exist. I'm *thinking* this is because the Postfix/Dovecot guide had me set up a database for users/mailboxes, which the config files still point to, but these tables are empty and aren't being populated by ISPConfig. Is there some setup missing to either make the email services look at ISPConfig's database, or configure ISPConfig to use the database I set up?

    Web: I can see the apache vhost conf files being created by ISPConfig, they just don't seem to have any effect; all domains pointed at the server just fo through the standard "default" conf.

    I do have a some understanding of how all these services fit together, but I'm far from a sys-admin (hence installing ISPConfig to do the editing of conf files/databases for me!).

    If anyone can help, I'd be very grateful.

  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    The first 2 guides that you used are incompatible with ispconfig, so the current system setup doe snot match the ispconfig requirements.

    I recommend that you reinstall the serverso that it contains only a Ubuntu minimal install as thats faster then trying to undo every chnage from the other guides and then use this guide to install your server:

    starting from step 6.
  3. The Other Air Force

    The Other Air Force New Member

    I've setup ISPConfig 3 on Linode a couple of times. As Till said, you just need to follow the tutorials that are found on this forum. If you don't have any data on the Linode that you need remove it all and start over again. Deploy Ubuntu 10.04 LTS, DO NOT use a stackscript. Just the basic installation is what you want. I can't remember if Linode installs SSH server by default, you may have to start at Step 5 of the tutorial unless you want to connect to the LISH console everytime. No harm in running the command for step 5 anyway. If it's installed it'll just skip it.

    Hope that helps.
  4. Nebhead

    Nebhead New Member

    Thanks guys

    It's a bit odd, as the last tutorial (which is specifically about setting up ISPConfig 3 on a linode) references the first two tutorials. But oh well.

    I'm about to nuke the linode now, and follow through the "Perfect Server" guide over the next few hours. I'll report back with how I get on!
  5. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Thats not good indeed, you might report that to linode then.
  6. Nebhead

    Nebhead New Member


    So, by and large I've managed to get ISP Config 3 up and running. I didn't use the "Perfect Server" guide verbatim (for example, I didn't change my networking setup from DHCP, as linode will always assign the server the fixed IP).

    I have two issues/questions now though:

    1. I set up a domain,, and included an auto www. subdomain. I then created an aliasdomain, and included an auto www. subdomain there too.

    These work fine, but what I actually want to have happen is use "" as the primary domain for the site, and have all others redirect to it. I tried altering the aliasdomain to include an "R" redirect, with an empty redirect path, but the browser threw a "Too many redirects" error.

    How can I set up my two domains so that, and all redirect to

    2. I will be managing/running 90% of the sites hosted on this server myself, and I want to have a single shell account that I can use, via SSH/FTP, to manage the content of all the website's directories. It seems that ISPConfig auto assigns client specific owners and groups to the files though (e.g. instead of making the group www-data), which means I can't do that.

    What's the best way I can access all web directories from a single shell account (Without continuously being sudo'd up!)

    Thanks for all your help,
  7. Nebhead

    Nebhead New Member


    I've managed to get the redirects working! Hurrah!

    1: The redirect from to had to be set up on the "Redirect" tab of the "Websites" option.

    2: The redirect from to was set up within the "Aliasdomain" option. Selecting "www" as an auto-subdomain also set up the redirect from to

    In both cases, the initial trouble I had was because I was missing the "http://" from the start of the redirect addresses, which had me incorrectly thinking that I couldn't redirect to another domain.

    Anyway, that's all sorted :)

    If someone could come back to me on my second question though, it would be appreciated. I'd like to clarify that I generally work via SFTP rather than FTP.
  8. The Other Air Force

    The Other Air Force New Member

    I just create a separate FTP user for each domain/subdomain in the control panel and keep them all straight in the FTP program site manager. I also had a Samba tunnel setup over SSH but it was pretty slow. Worked though.

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