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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by EvdM, Nov 9, 2006.

  1. EvdM

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    Dear All -

    I need to send an e-mail invitation to a list of about 2000 addresses. If I try to do this from Thunderbird of Outlook (IMAP accounts to ISPConfig on Perfect Debian), I get an error: 'Too many recipients'.

    Is there some way to (maybe temporary) increase the allowed total of recipients in Postfix (I assume)? Or is this general bad practice which should be handled in a totally different way? This mass mailing is something which I do not have to do very often, so I would prefer a simple 'fix'.

    Thanks for all suggestions!

  2. till

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    Yes, its bad practice to send mail to 2000 recipients at once. The problem is not only the max recipients limit which you may change in the postfix file. The other problem is that when you send a email to 2000 addresses with BCC, if only one email address is incorrect, the complete sending process will fail and you will get back the mail with an error.

    Either use a mailing list software for that or a nice (non free) windows tool for newsletters is groupmail, which sends the emails one by one and not at once like outlook or thunderbird.
  3. EvdM

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    Thanks a lot for this clear answer. I will resort to the mailing list solution.

    In these forums there are many references regarding running a list in ISPConfig. In fact, there are so many references that I kind of get lost.
    Is there a specific recommendation for a very simple list implementation which works well? I have some basic mailman experience, but am no expert by any means.

    Any suggestion or pointer is well appreciated, thanks a lot!

  4. edge

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  5. EvdM

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    That seems great for that I want to do, thanks!

    I have installed it, and ran into the following issues:

    The installation created this .htacces file:

    DirectoryIndex index.php
    <FilesMatch "\.(php|inc)$">
    Order allow,deny
    deny from all
    <FilesMatch "(index.php|dl.php|ut.php|lt.php|download.php)$">
    Order allow,deny
    allow from all
    php_flag magic_quotes_gpc on
    This seems to leave the directory inaccessible (error 500) in the ISPConfig Apache configuration.
    If I remove .htaccess this problem seems gone. However, I am not sure if that leaves me vulnerable.

    Also, if I try to access phplist like this (without the .htaccess), I get an error page:

    I assume this has to do with the missing .htaccess, but could be something in the Apache2 configuration too...

    I hope someone can suggest how to tackle this. I am out of clues...

    Thanks a lot!
  6. sjau

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  7. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Add the following line in the apache directives field of the website in ISPConfig:

    AllowOverride All

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