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    I have an issue when adding accounts via the remoting api. There's a server running ispconfig and a separate mailserver running postfix+dovecot.

    I added some domains, accounts, forwards, transports and relay_recipients in the "inactive" state to this setup.

    I can see the domains/accounts/etc in the ispconfig mysql server.

    Not all of these accounts (domains + mailboxes) have made it in the mysql server of the mailserver.

    That is, if I run a

    select count(*) from mail_users on both servers, I get less accounts (by far) on the mailserver.

    The same goes for the mail domains [ select count(*) from mail_domain ] and transports

    I tried resyncing the mailboxes with the web interface (tools->resync), however only a few more mailboxes made it in the final mailserver.

    Some of the mailboxes are not "synced".

    There were no errors during the remoting calls (i.e. all that I need is in the ispconfig head server).

    There's one more thing to add to this:
    -) The primary mailserver has a "mirror-of" mail server. The count of mailboxes on both servers differs by few mailboxes.
    -) Editing the mailbox user in the web interface will not migrate the user to the mail server. I can see the db updates in the ispconfig server, but nothing happens.

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    I noticed that the server.php process seems "stuck".

    I traced the issue to the mailserver wanting to remove the mailspool directory for the user it should add. This is from the cron log:

    rm: cannot remove `/var/vmail/domain.ext/mailbox': Permission denied

    I guess there's a safety delete of the mailbox, before creation time. The mailbox is present because I've moved some data there beforehand, but still have not changed the ownership to the dovecot 5000:5000 required uid:gid.

    Well... one more thing to put in my "caution" book for ispconfig.

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