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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by guy100, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. guy100

    guy100 New Member

    I have try the ispconfig3 to several servers with debian and centos installation.
    Installation went ok in both but i cannot resolve my page or nameserver (i cannot see my page and in dns check tools cannot see nameserver or website).

    I have buy the manual and even i rent for one month a vps with ispconfig preinstalled to check if i make wrong in settings.

    In manual i dindt found anything to help me and in preinstalled vps all went perfect easy.

    So i have some wrong in my personal installations and want to fix it.

    I know in my usual panel i use, CPANEL, if exist any problem i go and edit 3 files and fix any dns-nameserver problem,

    Exist any similar file where i can edit things or someone understand what i make wrong to help me ?
  2. Wisdown

    Wisdown Member

    Seems you are like me, on test phase right?

    If yes, i think i can try help you, i mean can try because i`m noob, and still learning how Linux and ISPConfig works...

    For DNS i think ISPConfig use the default path on debian i think is /etc/bind/ so you gonna see the dns files here for the domains you have setted by ISPConfig pannel

    The /etc/name.conf is for your internal network, if you cant resolve your internal names my guess is you start by the file:


    Be sure set the correct data here
    Then go to:


    Restart ( i know there is /etc/init.d/networking restart - but i come from windows...) then after login check using:


    If your data setted before is ok and eth is up, go to next vps, after set all try ping they, so you can detect where the problem is

    By the way, i`m curious, i hear lot of people saying cpanel is amazing, etc... This rumous is true? Is easy to setup and the logs dont have any warn / errors? I was rdy to purchase they license for one month to test, when i read about the Cpannel dont work behind a NAT...
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  3. guy100

    guy100 New Member

    Thank you for your help, i will try this solutions. Thank you.

    As for the Cpanel, yes i have 5 licences and work great and i have no problems 1 year i use it, i feel very secure with this sites i host there but i want a alternative without cost for others vps.
    And from all alternative i check, ispconfig3 looks the best one, the good thing is exist several companies who have it already in their distro.

    In cpanel f you have problems since is payed programs they have online support, you open a ticket and in few hours they fix problems for you.

    As for testing purpoce you dont need to buy any licence, you can install it free for 15 days as a trial version.
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  4. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Take a look at the /var/log/syslog on your debian server, all named errors should be listed there.

    ISPConfig does not mess so much with the system like cpanel does, so all log and config files on your ispconfig server are in their original locations. E.g. the named files are in /etc/named/ or /etc/bind/ directory depending on the linux distribution that you use.

    For ISPConfig, there is online support available as well so you can let the ispconfig devs fix the issues if you are not able tolocate them yourself. The only difference is that support is not free as you get the ispconfig licence for free already.
  5. guy100

    guy100 New Member

    Ok found error.
    The add new dns zone with wizard not create ns1 ns2 so after manual creation of this all worked fine.

    Thanks again for all your help.
  6. Wisdown

    Wisdown Member

    The reason for i keep trying ISPConfig instead enter in an obscure world (Plesk and others, CPannel website says dont work behind a NAT so is useless for me...) where all stuff have the name changed and is hidden...
    On ISPConfig is like an paradise (at least for me), allowing me see the logs and try understand whats happen on the server ;)

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