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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by matiasb, Jan 21, 2011.

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    I have a doubt about the way ISPConfig3 manages the clients' passwords. We are migrating our ISPMan based server to ISPConfig. The problem is that ISPMan passwords look like this "{crypt}dfA123Cas1". The encryption algorithm is the same used by ISPConfig, isn't it? But it is using no "salt".
    So, when I use soap-client-add.php (usig the remote API) to create a client, the script generates de password from "{crypt}dfA123Cas1" instead of using it as the password. And, if I change the password directly in the MySQL database:
    "update client set password = "{crypt}rR4lve5pPvPn2" where ...." or
    "update client set password = "rR4lve5pPvPn2" where ..."
    it doesn't work, either...
    So, my question is, has anybody migrated users from ISPMan to ISPConfig? or, is there a way to make ISPConfig recognise/use
    the passwords as they are saved in ISPMan's LDAP?

    Well, thanks in advance! Hope somebody can help me :) Bye!

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