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Discussion in 'Developers' Forum' started by ispcomm, Aug 20, 2010.

  1. ispcomm

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    I'm currently involved in ispcp development and for a number of reasons I would like to switch all our sites to ispconfig.

    Since their number is in the thousands.... i'm looking for an automated way to migrate users and their settings.

    Is there a method/script to import sites from ispcp over to ispconfig ?

  2. falko

    falko Super Moderator ISPConfig Developer

    AFAIK, there's no such script.
  3. ispcomm

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    I discovered the remote api so I guess it will be "easy" to craft some script myself.

    I'm running a multiserver ispcp setup (similar to the ispconfig architecture with "roles" and a daemon to update local configuration... home-brewed) but after years the time has come for a change.

    I'm concerned with the fact that ispconfig exposes a lot of the underlying structure to the user. To make a site you need to edit dns/mail/site separately, while on "other" panels it's just a click of an "add" button away and defaults are inserted in dns/mail/apache etc.

    Is there such a thing for ispconfig? I would be willing to code a little if necessary (perhaps an "all-in-one" module).

    thank you,
  4. Horfic

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    No, there isn't a button press it and everything is set up, you have to do all seperate. But if you use the remote api, try to use the current one from the 3.0.3 beta, because it is diffrent then the 3.0.2.x
  5. ispcomm

    ispcomm Member

    Thank you. I will. I already saw that there's some difference between 3.0.3 and 3.0.2. I'm going trough the developer docs right now.

    I saw somebody mentioning THT (the hosting tool). Is it any good to investigate that route? It seems an affiliate site for people selling cpanel licenses.

  6. till

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  7. HSorgYves

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    Have you managed to create a migration script?

  8. Spheerys

    Spheerys New Member

    I'm interested too !
    I want to switch my hundred websites from ispConfig Omega to ispconfig but it's a lot of works to do it one by one !!!

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