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  1. vassiskansa

    vassiskansa New Member

    after several hours to understand why the filter plugin did not work, I realized a possible bug.
    The rule I wanted to do is this:

    Sender -> is -> [email protected]

    this is compiled on the ispconfig.sieve file as:

    if header: regex ["from"] ["^[email protected]\.com$"] {

    but it does not work ... I also tried with this tester
    The working and tested alternative is this:

    Sender -> contains -> [email protected]

    that generates:

    if header: regex ["from"] [".*[email protected]\.com"] {

    Did I discover a BUG or is there something I have not considered?
    In the case, is it possible to correct somehow or continue to use this regex?

    Thank you.
  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    This is no bug, you just did not consider that the sender address is not '[email protected]', the email address is just a part of the sender and that's why you have to choose contains instead of is. You can check that out easily in most email programs by letting the mail program display the email source, there you will see that the sender (From) address is most likely something like "John Doe <[email protected]>" and not just "[email protected]".

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