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    So I am setting up my first DNS and Nameservers and I wondered if I have done it right so far.

    In Godaddy I have pointed the www, mail and FTP to my dedicated Server IP and created 2 nameservers pointing to this IP too NS1 and NS2.

    Although the nameservers for the domain are still pointing to GoDaddy is this correct ?

    I have attached the screen shot so you can see, I havent installed ISPConfig3 yet this is secondary and will need help with that too but can someone tell me if it's right so far ?

    Does the nameserver records and need to change still ?

    The new nameservers for my domain and are now showing under the hostname section although this is dashboard view not the image here just wanted to make sure people knew they'd already been validated and are working.

    Thanks in advance

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    Guys please help
    give instructions where I need to enter my static IP in service godaddy
    Thank you

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