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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by DGhost, Sep 19, 2013.

  1. DGhost

    DGhost New Member

    Hi everyone!

    I've done some extensive research and I couldn't find the answer I was looking for, so I thought to ask the the experts on this forum.

    I've installed with success ISPConfig3 on CentOS 6.4 x86_64 following the documentation of The perfect server for CentOS 6.4 x86_64.

    My installation is going well, lot of configuration has been done and lot of small fixes also. I am very pleased with ISPConfig3. Kudos to the team who work on it!

    After doing the installation of ISPConfig3 and creating 2-3 domain zone through the ISPConfig3 DNS interface for testing, I've read that I could use powerdns instead of bind. The documentation that I've followed didn't mention that and I made the installation with bind for the DNS service.

    What I would like to do is to switch my current installation to use powerdns instead of bind. I've got the powerdns plugin available in the directory but I guess I am missing some configuration for it in the control panel of ISPConfig3. I've tried to install powerdns by following this doc :

    But I quickly realized that I won't be able to use the plugin of powerdns from ISPConfig3 if I do so. I want to make sure that the users of ISPconfig3 will be able to manage their DNS through the web panel of ISPConfig3 only and not give them access to another panel (PowerAdmin) for doing so, it will only confuse them more.

    Is there anyone that could give me some tips on how to do it or maybe point me to the proper documentation for it?

    Thank you all for your time and advices!

  2. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    The doc you used is not compatible with ispconfig. The installation instructions for powerdns are written as comment in the sources of the poerdns plugin.
  3. DGhost

    DGhost New Member

    Thank you for the tip.

    I've just did that, created the database powerdns, gave access to the ispconfig database user to the DB and created the 3 tables of domains, records and supermasters. I've deleted the symlink of the and recreated it to re-enable to plugin.

    /usr/local/ispconfig/server/plugins-enabled/ -> /usr/local/ispconfig/server/plugins-available/

    Powerdns is installed on the server, I can start the service (but I've got to stop bind before that, of course).

    Now is there something else I need to do? What about the server config under the IPSConfig web panel? There is a tab just for the DNS configuration, but everything read about bind config.

    I can stop the named service and start powerdns manually, but I'll need to create my first zone of my server's domain inside the MySQL DB with powerdns. Can I do that through the ISPConfig web panel or do I need to do that from the poweradmin web panel?

    I'm willing to write some documentation for CentOS for installing and configuring powerdns for ISPConfig3 if I can make it work.
  4. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Do not install the poweradmin panel, it conflicts with ispconfig.

    You can try to use the resync function under tools in ispconfig to import the zone into the poerdns database. But I'am not 100% sure if this will work as there is a bugreport in the bugtracker about that if I remember correctly.
  5. jasonorland88

    jasonorland88 New Member

    It's quite simple, really. But there were a few problems that I wasn't expecting, and that took a bit of time to resolve. It's supposed to be easier in PowerDNS 3.0, but since Debian Squeeze currently only has 2.9.something, I had to fight my way though that. Here's how.

    Start by installing PowerDNS. This was the easy part, so I'm not going to replicate that here. At least Debian has separate packages for the core and the storage module (which, for me, was MySQL); remember to install both!
  6. DGhost

    DGhost New Member

    I encountered some problem with my LVM partition yesterday, to make a long story short, I decided to reinstall the server from zero without using the LVM. I was able to make powerdns work yesterday. There was only the part of integrating it with ISPConfig3 to test and to do, I hadn't the time to do that since that's when my LVM partitions started to have some problem.

    So I'm starting to reinstall the server at the moment and getting rid of the LVM and I'll try to install ISPConfig3 with powerdns right from the start instead this time. It was my first time installing ISPConfig3 and I've learned a lot so it should be quicker this time to reinstall it. I will make sure to install MySQL and powerdns before installing ISPConfig3.

    Thank you very much for your advices!
  7. DGhost

    DGhost New Member

    So I've done a re-installation of ISPConfig3 with powerdns (no bind this time, yeah!). I can confirm that the pdns service is running well and is able to connect to the DB of powerdns :

    Sep 22 19:55:04 ns1 pdns[16218]: gmysql Connection successful

    But when I'm creating a new zone from the ISPConfig3 admin panel, nothing get recorded in the DB of powerdns.

    No poweradmin web interface has been installed, only powerdns itself.

    I've looked through the /var/log/ispconfig folder for any help with the log, I can't find anything regarding what's going on. I'm pretty sure that the problem is the connection between ISPConfig3 and powerdns.

    Is there any places I can get some log to see what's going on from ISPConfig3 regarding powerdns?
  8. DGhost

    DGhost New Member

    Problem solved!

    I flushed the powerdns table from MySQL, recreate them and it's now working!

    I must have made a mistake when I created the tables.
  9. arturyak

    arturyak New Member


    So will you post the manual for the process?

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