ISPconfig3 SSL site wrongly uses ISPconfig3 certificate

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by mg83264, Mar 3, 2013.

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    I have ISPConfig3 on CentOS5.8 with nginx0.8.55. All has been running happily for a while now. The ISPConfig admin interface is secured using the StartSSL instructions, and has a dedicated IP set with a valid DNS entry.

    Yesterday I requested and added a new RapidSSL certificate for a new website secured using SSL, which has a separate dedicated IP with a valid DNS entry. I have a valid .key and .crt for the new site and the .crt includes the bundled certificates provided by RapidSSL. SSL was configured through ISPConfig3.

    If I visit the new website, it says it is secured by the base StartSSL certificate of the ISPconfig interface. I've tried many, many things, adding a .pem of the RapidSSL certs, but I cannot get nginx to honour the ssl_certificate setting for the new site. There are no errors in any of the logs and I am completely baffled.

    Grateful for any tips....



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