ISPConfig3 Quota System for Email Accounts

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by atjensen11, Aug 9, 2009.

  1. atjensen11

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    How are quotas managed for email accounts in ISPConfig3?

    My question stems from trying to configure my new installation of Squirrelmail on this server as the old production machine. On that machine, I had installed Squirrelmail with the check_quota plugin. The old production machine did not use ISPConfig.

    Within the check_quota plugin, you are able to configure quota display only if the quota system is UNIX filesystem quotas, IMAP quotas, or cPanel quotas. Obviously, ISPConfig would not use cPanel quotas.

    But I have tried the other two settings and the quota bar graph will not display. I wanted to confirm that email accounts with quotas are one of the three types so I can troubleshoot correctly.

    Lastly, is my intent to display quota information within Squirrelmail redundant? Does ISPConfig3 notify or otherwise show users information regarding their current usage?
  2. atjensen11

    atjensen11 New Member

    I finally did get the Squirrelmail check_quota plugin to display by setting the quota type to IMAP.

    I had to ratchet the quota value down and send a new email to the account in order for the quota to work as expected in Squirrelmail.

    However, I would still appreciate input regarding other notifications and/or warnings that ISPConfig would provide to users regarding quota usage.

  3. till

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    ISPConfig sets quota with the maildirmake command, which is imap quota.
  4. mitsos

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    Sorry for necroing the thread, but I'm having the same problem of check_quota not displaying the quota. ispconfig latest, fully updated debian wheezy (based on perfect guide).

    Installed the plugin correctly (+compatibility plugin without patching, since that's what it said in the readme) and I've enable troubleshooting in the check_quota plugin (bottom of config.php.

    This is the output at the bottom of the troubleshooting page:
    IMAP Quota Output
    IMAP Command Sent: a001 GETQUOTAROOT "INBOX"
    IMAP Response Received: Array

    As far as I understand, it just cannot get the quota value from the imap server (dovecot). No errors in the logs.

    Does anyone have any idea as to why? How did you get it to work as expected?

    EDIT: For future reference, if you don't get the quota to display, it means the user has no quota *facepalm* :p
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