ispconfig3 Multiple Sites (Domains) in one Server

Discussion in 'General' started by dcarlos, Mar 14, 2009.

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  1. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Which exact ISPConfig release? There was such a bug in one of the older releases, you should update to
  2. dclardy

    dclardy Member

    I am working on that as we speak. I am switching to Debian so we will see how it goes.

  3. tomnhanni

    tomnhanni New Member

    I'm having these same issues.

    This is a headless test system which I'm remotely admining. Currently there are no DNS-A records pointing to this machine because I'm planing to move my clients domains to this server if all goes well with ispconfig3.

    Suse 11.1

    I have 2 clients and each has its own test domain set up.

    The hostname of the machine is ie. so I want to set up subdomains for testing

    client 1 has

    client 2 has

    so I checked the sites-available directory and the doc roots are all ok:
    client1: --> DocumentRoot /srv/www/
    client2: --> DocumentRoot /srv/www/

    but it still resolves to the first client1 directory and no matter what I type.

    ie. still shows the content from client1 this is frustrating. It is ignoring what i put as documentroot and only resolving the last client that i set up.

    Is there some way to test this without having real domains attached to this machine? What I want to do is have all my clients set up with content and fake domains and when I'm ready just move the domain records to my new machine and then just change the domain settings in ispconfig3.
  4. tomnhanni

    tomnhanni New Member

    So i think I figured this one out...

    I just made some sites with fake domains then I have to go and manually edit the corresponding sites-available .vhost file and change the ServerName to then it works....

    The only trouble is everytime I use ispconfig3 to edit a website it writes over my changes in the .vhost file. ::mad:
  5. giftsnake

    giftsnake New Member

    is there an A record for every subdomain?
    is e.g. the content of the field 'domain' in the sites tab?

    maybe autosubdomain *. is activated for
  6. tomnhanni

    tomnhanni New Member

    The problem is the real domains are running on a different production server.

    So I want to set up temporary domains or subdomains on the new box test it out and then tell my ISP to move the domains over to the new box as soon as I'm ready. This is to have little or no downtime.

    So what I've done now is go ahead and use the real domains in the sites tab.

    This ofcourse wont work because the domains resolve to my other server IP.

    So like I said I got it work by maually adding the ServerName in .vhost like this which works great.

    But ispconfig3 likes to overwrite my manual changes everytime i edit the site in sites tab.

    Maybe this helps anyone testing out a new server before moving.
  7. giftsnake

    giftsnake New Member

    did you create the A record on the productionmachine with the ip from your testbox?

    why not use the 'automatic' functions in ispconfig? i dont think it's neccessary to manipulate the vhostfiles...
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  8. tomnhanni

    tomnhanni New Member

    I think you are talking about a redirect(I'm still learning all this stuff) if I do that then the domains won't be available on the production machine anymore or? This is bad if something goes wrong on the testmachine...I have to move over 100 domains copying files and MySql databases so it might take some time and possible even some reinstalls if I mess something up. After the 100 domains are setup on the new server I give my ISP the goahead and they move the A records over to my new machine and kill the old box.

    So now you see why I have to manually mess with the vhost files.
  9. giftsnake

    giftsnake New Member

    am i correct in thinkin: you have a domain on productionmachine and want to move it to testbox, but it should still be available on productionmachine?

    maybe you can try this:
    create A record with ip from testbox on productionmachine
    create aliasdomain for every domain on testbox

    no redirect.
  10. tomnhanni

    tomnhanni New Member

    Well that might work but I am not able to create an A record from my production box to a different IP. Only options are redirects so then my domain wont be reachable on the original production box.

    But I think this works quite well what I have now.

    in ispconfig3 sites tab --> add new website

    as domain (the real one)

    of course this is not reachable in the browser just the production box.

    Then i go in and edit the .vhost file for the on my test box and change the entry ServerName to something like and I get the test website. Later after my ISP has changed the A record to my test box IP i have to go back and edit the vhost file to ServerName or just save the settings in ispconfig3 and it will write the correct ServerName.
  11. san

    san New Member

    hello @till
    Im trying to create website , which has different ip and different domain name. i added that ip to DNS A record it gives me the nslookup
    but the problem is how to redirect website to different ip<> other than existed DNS1 DNS2<>, and different directory path to that ip<>and also the database, this ip<> is added to DNS A record
  12. till

    till Super Moderator Staff Member ISPConfig Developer

    Create the website in ISPConfig, enter the domain name in the domain field and select * for all sites in the Ipv4 field. That's all. The IP does not matter then. Or add the Ip under System > server config and select it for the website, but in that case ensure that no other website uses * in the ipv4 field, but that's not recommended, so better use *.

    Note: please do not reopen old and already answered threads, the one you posted in is from 2009. This spams the original authors of the thread with reply emails for questions that they posted 10 years ago. Make a new thread for your question. I've closed the thread now to protect the original poster.
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