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    Some 6 month ago I tried setting up a mirror server for my ISPconfig3 server. Distro Ubuntu Server 12.04.2 (at the time). But because of some SQL faults I think it was, it couldn't be done! Any news regarding this matter?

    Can it be done? Is it possible to make a mirror server now? I bought a "twin" system for my ISPconfig3 server long time ago and it's just sitting there doing nothing. I would very much like to do this mirror server.

    Here's the last words in the thread:

    The mirror guide is written for debian squeeze, debian sueeze uses a different mysql version (5.1) then The latest ubuntu that you use (mysql 5.5), the mysql replication configuration seem to have changed from mysql 5.1 to 5.5, so the way mysql has to be configured is different.

    You can always try to use a guide for a linux distribution and version were it is not written for but this can cause problems or may require different configurations like with mysql here.

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    A mirror guide can always be setup with any recent ubuntu or debian version, like I explained in your other thread. We just do not have a updated guide for that yet, so it requires some Linux knowledge to do that. I hope that we can release a updated guide in a few weeks.
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    ISPconfig3 and mirror-server

    Hi Till,

    Thanks.. Don't mind me and my poor english skills. I'm not shouting out for this, just looking forward to be able to do it ;)

    I'm just thankful for what you and Falco are doing! And I'm looking forward to be able to setup a mirror server. The reason I wan't to do this, is because I got internetshops running and 2 additional shops is being build as we speak.

    Sorry if I asked more than one place. Not my meaning to do so. :eek:

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