ISPConfig3 Login Page Broken after php.ini Modification.

Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Routh, Apr 25, 2011.

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    Ok, so after a second attempt of installing my server using the perfect server guide for Ubuntu10.10 - everything is mostly up and running. I'm still having issues with the SMTP server not listening on any ports.. but that will be for another post as I now have a far more pressing issue.

    I was working with the server today and needed to increase the memory limit for phpmyadmin in order to upload a large sql dump. After I reloaded the apache server, everything was working with phpmyadmin.

    I then went to login to ISPConfig 3 after that and... couldn't. There's really nothing else I can say than that honestly. When login is attempted now it just bounces the user back to the login. No messages. No errors. Valid entry or invalid. Nothing works.

    Reverting the php.ini has resolved the issue, however I cannot resolve why? I changed two values to accomodate the upload of sql backups:

    post_max_size: from 8M -> 500M
    upload_max_filesize: from 2M -> 450M

    I have two questions from this then:

    A: Why would that break ISPConfig login?
    B: How do I resolve this? I need large uploads enabled through phpmyadmin.

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