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    I've gone through the "Perfect Server -Debian Lenny -ISPConfig" tutorial and everything went smoothly. ISPConfig 3 (version, PHPMyAdmin, and Squirrelmail all come up, as does the generic "It Works" index.html on All necessary ports have been forwarded in my router to

    I'm having trouble getting anything happen after that. I have followed these basic steps:

    1. Checked my Server Configuration under System > Server Config. Because I will be adding IP addresses, I checked the Network Configuration box and also added two external name servers to the Nameservers list (I added 2 Qwest nameservers, at addresses and

    2. Set up my Server IP addresses.
    I have a block of 5 static IP addresses through I added each of them to the Server IP under Server > Edit Server IP.
    I also added several internal IP addresses (, .103, .105, .107, and .109) which I use for testing sites on my internal network.) I've successfully used this configuration before.
    I plan to host business websites that will be using SSL on each of the 5 external IP's, so I have unchecked the boxes for HTTP NameVirtualHost.

    3. I created a user account under CP users > Edit user

    4. I created 2 websites, one on the .217 address, the other on the .218 address, and made sure that each was set up under the user account I created in step 3.
    Under the options tab for the first website, it shows Linux User as web1 and Linux Group as client1. For the second site, these entries are web2 and client1.

    I'm assuming that at this point, ISPConfig should have created the following folders/directories:
    /var/www/clients/client1/web1 and /var/www/clients/client1/web2. Each of those directories would have several subfolders, including a /web folder and the ISPConfig "Welcome to Your Website" index.html file.

    Logging into the server directly, I see that these directories and files have not been created. What am I missing here? Do I need to reboot the server at some point in this process? Is there some time delay for ISPConfig to create these directories and files?

    I have previously set up this same basic configuration, and had no trouble getting the websites configured, including the nifty ISPConfig generic "Welcome to your Website" index.html file. This time, I'm getting nothing.

    (I also echo the call for at least a HOWTOFORGE article on the basic procedures for setting up a website. The ISPConfig3 interface is pretty intuitive, even for a relative Linux newbie like myself, but there are a few holes that could stand to be filled.) (I'm not a newbie generally. My first OS was CPM back in the pre-DOS, Pre-IBMPC days)

    Thanks in advance for your help.
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