ISPConfig3 - DNS / Real nameserver or not?

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    I have an Ubuntu Server 10.04 with ISPConfig installed. I noticed the "DNS" in the menu. But, is this controlpanel make the server able to work as a real nameserver too? I am asking due to my past as an ISP (used windows software back then) the only linux software I used which was not windows based was a Linux Nameserver and therefore I recall some of the fields with A records, MX records etc. from the setup module in ISPConfig3 - Menu - DNS. But I also recall that to manage a real nameserver you had to apply and registrate the use of your nameserver, IPnumber etc. So please help me out here. Please keep in mind that iI am a noviceein Linux systm. Getting better, but not quite there yet :eek:

    From ISPConfig - Menu - DNS:

    Add DNS-Zone
    Zone-File Import
    Secondary DNS
    Secondary DNS-Zones

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