ispconfig3 dkim keys and configuration for amavisd bug CentOS 7x.

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    Hi i find a small bug in ispconfig and dkim singing.
    Mi amavaisd installed is:
    amavisd-new-2.11.0-2.el7.noarch (CentOS Linux release 7.4.1708 (Core))
    The bug its in file "/etc/amavisd.conf"
    But ispconfig are writing dkim config in the file /etc/60-dkim
    Fixit / Workaround:
    1º - Verify is your file /etc/amavisd/60-dkim its empty
    If is empty run the next commands.
    mv /etc/amavisd/60-dkim /etc/amavisd/60-dkim.old
    ln -s /etc/60-dkim /etc/amavisd/60-dkim
    systemctl restart amavisd

    After restart amavisd you can she your dkim keys
    amavisd showkeys
    And these results:
    ; key#1 2048 bits, .......

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