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Discussion in 'Server Operation' started by CD_PlaYeR, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. CD_PlaYeR

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  2. falko

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    ISPConfig configures name-based vhosts which means you cannot use an IP address. You must always use a domain.

    Does point to your router's public IP? Does your router forward port 80 to your ISPConfig server?

    If the answer to both questions is yes, but it still doesn't work, chances are that your ISP blocks port 80 or that your router doesn't support loopbacks.
  3. CD_PlaYeR

    CD_PlaYeR New Member

    sorry maybe my explanation wasn't pretty good.

    my isp doesn't block port 80, that i am sure of, i already made a server running on this router and the port forwarding are set to forward port 80 to my server, the problem is that usually when you install ispconfig3 and you type the index.html isn't suppose to be the one from apache but the welcome from ispconfig3, in my case it is the It works! from apache. when i try i get a page server not found. ispconfig doesn't seems to link to apache2.
  4. erosbk

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    As I am seeing right now on my installation, the default page of apache2 with ISPConfig3 is from Apache2, not from ISPConfig3.

    Only vhost has the pages of ISPConfig3 as I can see
  5. falko

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    You cannot use IP addresses because ISPConfig configure name-based vhosts. Either create/modify the DNS records for your domains so that they point to the correct server, or (for testing purposes) modify the hosts file of your client PC:
  6. CD_PlaYeR

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    Thanks!! you are right about ispconfig3 and IP address, and also with port forwarding!!!
    i feel kinda stupid but i should have doubt that the DMZ of my old linksys was to crash and forward anything anywhere........ what are the port range i should forward for now i use 0-1000

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