ISPconfig3 cluster using load-balancing example

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    I have some plans on making a new ISPconfig3 cluster with load balancing, hear me out and give me some feedback of what could be done better or if it will work at all :p

    The setup: - Dedicated fsSense server with firewall and load balancing - All services like apache, bind, dovecot etc.. - Mirror of server1 - ISPconfig3 webinterface + phpmyadmin + webmail is going to run the pfSense OS and handle all the firewall and load balancing stuff, this shares the traffic between servers and also acts as failover. is going to run all the services that you can control from ISPconfig3 and shares the config files and /var/vmail, /var/www with server2, this using either Unison/rsync or something else like GlusterFS. MySQL is replicated with Master-Master replication or GlusterFS. I have not decided how to do the sync because of no experience with GlusterFS yet (any thoughts?) - see above is a dedicated server for the ISPconfig3 control panel and also the webinterface for phpmyadmin and roundcube (SSL). This server controls that both servers gets the same config files (mirroring). By separating the controlpanel from the other services I can secure this server alot more.

    My questions is now this:

    Is this a good way of doing things or should I take some other path in the search for a good cluster/load balancing system?

    If a server goes down (server 1 or 2), is it possible to restore the default state of the server if it is replaced or is this not possible with ISPconfig3?

    If I want to add a server to the system, is this possible or do you have trash everything and start over?

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  2. SwOsHiE

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    No thoughts or ideas? Would be fun to get any feedback possible before building all of this :p
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    I guess that nobody tried this yet. We are happy to hear from you after building this. I'm also playing with pfSense but for the moment my interest is the BGP function. Maybe afterwards I will test what are you trying to do.
  4. SwOsHiE

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    Well, maybe it is that way :p

    I am currently on my way to the server facility and hopefully I am done with the installation at the end of the weekend!

    Will get back to you all with the results! :D

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