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Discussion in 'Installation/Configuration' started by Lionheart82, Mar 27, 2013.

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    I was testing the new backup modes the last few weeks but it seems there are some issues i would like your opinion about :)

    a)Backup mode as root
    backups are created correctly in /var/backups but when tested i see no sql file dumb.

    b) i switched to "web user as zip" in case it would help with the dbs but here is the thing. On websites backup tab i can see the file "" unfortunately i cannot restore it as it doesn't exist eg /var/backups/web1/ ( i only see the tar.gz file)

    This is happening of course for all web sites.

    I do have the zip - unzip libs also cron log shows no error...

    Thank you for your time :)

    System info:
    php: 5.3.6
    OS: centos 5.4
    Web server: Apache
    Ispconfig version 3: Latest
  2. ressel

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    Have you remembered to set all your databases to be linked to your websites?
  3. Lionheart82

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    Hmm this must be it then... i ll test it and i will inform you about the results so obvious !!!
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    .zip backup format issue

    I've noticed a similar issue to Lionheart82 since upgrading to version on my CentOS 5.9 server.

    The tar.gz backups for both website content and databases work as expected once the databases have been linked to the websites under sites/databases. (As this is a new feature, it will need to be done for each database as already explained by Till)

    But there is an issue when selecting to save website content in .zip format, the entry is recorded in the ISPConfig database correctly and shows up as successful on the websites backup tab, but no .zip file has been created in /var/backup/webxx.

    The database backup is successful, although I think this is because the compression format for the database is always tar.gz regardless of your backup settings?

    There seems to be an invalid command argument being passed to zip by the /usr/local/ispconfig/server/cron_daily.php script, running the shell scrip manually returns the following errors:

    The script then fails to change the permissions of the .zip file because the file does not exist.

    This may be an issue affecting CentOS systems only as I can't seem to find anyone else complaining about the .zip format failure?

    I'm still looking into the cause of this issue and will report back with anything else I find.

    A big thank you to the developers for enabling us all to run such a wonderful system!
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